Teaching Fly Fishing

Teaching Fly Fishing 

Teaching! I like to call it  "Loading the clients tool box up with casts that catch fish."  I teach a wide variety of client's in single and double handed fly casting. Clients vary from total beginners, intermediate casters, advanced casters, clients training to become qualified instructors, group workshops and some other clients that come along especially to prepare for destination trips so that they are well prepared to get the maximum out of their trip.



These trips are expensive so being well prepared gives you the best chance to maximise your opportunity to catch fish. When I get a total beginner coming for lessons we start with the basics. Roll cast and Pick up and lay down. Then we start to add shooting line, dealing with difficult wind conditions and double hauling.


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As the client improves we are able to add casts with more difficulty. The more casts my clients have in their tool box the more fish they will catch.




You can have the best fly box in the world but if you can’t put the fly in the zone you won’t catch any fish. For further information please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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