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North East Fly Fishing - NEFF
Welcome and thank you for coming to my GAIA web page. I am a nationally qualified Salmon and Trout Association Instructor (STANIC) and have the GAIC qualification and am a founder member of The Game Angling Instructors Association (GAIA). I operate under the banner of North East Fly Fishing (NEFF). I have been fly fishing for over 50 years and have fly fished extensively far and wide, both throughout the UK as well as abroad. As well as instructing casting techniques and water craft I am also a fly fishing guide.

I hold First Aid and Safe Guarding and Protecting Children Certificates as well as a DBS Enhanced Certificate.

I am based in Whitley Bay near Newcastle upon Tyne in the North Est of England and would normally recommend fly fishing tuition for beginners is carried out on grass in the first instance as we will be concentrating on getting technique correct rather than catching fish-at this stage anyway ! The advantage of having the first lesson or two on grass is that you do not need to buy either an Environmental Agency Rod Licence or a day ticket for a fishery so this is money saved as we will be covering theory initially then casting skills without a hook on the end of our line for safety reasons. Later lessons, if required, can be carried out at any one of a number of still waters or rivers.

Please contact me for my reasonable charges for individual and small group coaching. I do reductions for pensioners/children. I can supply all the equipment required but if you have your own gear you are more than welcome to bring it along. If you don't have any tackle yet then I can recommend what you will need for the type of fishing you will be primarily doing.

The instruction is for single-handed fly rods and for a beginner we will start out with the tackle basics and the lesson will include such as the all important safety requirements of fly fishing, how the tackle should be balanced, tackle assembly, leaders, knots, flies and move on to the two casts that will be used for most of a persons fly fishing life, the overhead and roll casts. As well as these basics the improver can also benefit as we will iron out any faults with technique and look at the likes of wind direction and its effects and how to adapt casting accordingly as well as tactics for both lakes and rivers to get amongst more fish. For those who are already well grounded in the basics and competent casters and want to move up another level there are advanced techniques such as hauling to look at. Without a good basic knowledge and skill factor the advanced techniques though will not be of great benefit as everything is based on doing the basics correctly in the first place. Of course the lesson/s will be adapted to suit the client, it is your lesson after all.

For the more experienced angler I have access to some exclusive “secret” small stream fishing in Northumberland that I coach/guide on to learn river craft where casting is tricky to say the least ! The fish are wild Brown Trout, mostly small but perfectly formed. The scenery and wild life is wonderful.

I can be contacted at any time during the week, all day and evenings. I can honestly say I have never known anyone who tried fly fishing who did not love it ! If I can help in anyway at all please get in touch without any obligation, even if you just want a chat and some advice, this is free of course ! Looking forward to hearing from you at your convenience. Kindest regards, Bob.

Robert W. Milne. GAIC (STANIC). GAIA.
Telephone: 0191 2521080.
Mobile/Cell phone: 07726 789194.
E-Mail: bobtrout51@hotmail.com.

Contact bobtrout51@hotmail.com


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