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"Once upon a time" is a stock phrase used to introduce a narrative of past events, typically in fairy tales and folk tales. It has been used in some form since at least 1380 (according to the Oxford English Dictionary) in storytelling in the English language and has opened many oral narratives since 1600. These stories often then end with "and they all lived happily ever after", or, originally, "happily until their deaths".

The phrase is particularly common in fairy tales for younger children, where it is almost always the opening line of a tale. It was commonly used in the original translations of the stories of Charles Perrault as a translation for the French "il était une fois", of Hans Christian Andersen as a translation for the Danish "der var engang", (literally "there was once"), the Brothers Grimm as a translation for the German "es war einmal" (literally "it was once") and Joseph Jacobs in English translations and fairy tales.

The phrase is also frequently used in such oral stories as retellings of myths, fables, folklore and children's literature.

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Women who like fly fishing In the last eighteen months I have had a steady increase in ladies contacting me for lessons from total beginners, improvers and a couple of ladies even wanting to become instructors. I don’t know why this has suddenly happened, but I must say all the women I have taught...

Fly Fishing in the UK I love fishing for Salmon and Trout. The Tweed is my favourite Salmon river in the UK. I can’t make my mind up which is my favourite beat though? The Derwent at Chatsworth house is probably my favourite trout beat, it’s not just the fishing at Chatsworth it’s the magnificent views that...

Teaching Fly Fishing  Find an Instuctor Author Chris Hauge Teaching! I like to call it  "Loading the clients tool box up with casts that catch fish."  I teach a wide variety of client's in single and double handed fly casting. Clients vary from total beginners, intermediate casters, advanced casters,...

Salt Water Fishing I have been fortunate enough to salt water fish all around the world. Florida, Mexico, Dubai, Kenya, Thailand, Spain and Turkey to mention a few for a wide variety of fish from GT, Sail Fish, Bone Fish, Tarpon, Queen Fish, King Fish, Snook, Barracuda, Shark the list goes on and...

Doing a Demonstration  I have demonstrated both in the UK and abroad covering both single and double handed techniques. When demonstrating I like to hopefully give the audience some new ideas that they can take away and use in their everyday fishing. I like it to be relaxed, preferably have an...

Mental Health - Benfits of Fly Fishing "Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing” was founded in 2005 to aid in the physical and emotional recovery of wounded or injured military personnel through the art of Fly Fishing. The satisfaction, peace of mind and sense of achievement from the veterans, which I...

Every now and then there is a need to change the directionof cast quickly and effectively. GAIA instructor Barry Mitchell takes you through the snake roll, the cast to use when a fish rises away from your original target.

GAIA instructor Barry Mitchell takes his North Country river Spiders to his local stillwaters, where the results have been spectacular…

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